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8 Reasons You Need a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Planning to host your own website? Looking for VPN to access blocked websites? Finding an online storage? If you are an IT engineer or with little IT/Linux knowledge, we strongly suggest you to use Virtual Private Server (VPS) to fulfill above-mentioned requirements. This article shows you 8 reasons you should have a VPS.

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70 Linux Questions Asked During Interview

Attending Linux-related job interview? Here are 70 possible questions asked by interviewer. The list is also useful for Linux newbies. 

5 reasons to use Foursquare/Swarm

5 Reasons Foursquare/Swarm is Blogger's Life Saver

In year 2014, Foursquare splits its Android/iOS app into two - Foursquare and Swarm. Foursquare is now a city guide showing you points of interest, whereas Swarm is a social tool for you to check-in places. Both apps are integrated. It is sad to see some users actually misused it by rapidly checking-in places they not actually visiting with intention to earn coins and to be at the top of their friend list. This article shows that Foursquare/Swarm can be your lifesaver if you use it properly.



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8 Reasons to Use as FREE Alternative to Photoshop for Image Editing

Putting piracy issue aside, not many of us can afford Photoshop application. Most of the times, we just need to perform minor modification on existing images such as entering text, highlight important areas or adjusting tone of the image. can easily complete most of the simple tasks and it even includes features which are only available in big players. This article shows you 8 reasons you should use this mighty image editor.

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"The metadata for this photo has been changed by another application" Lightroom message

"The metadata for this photo has been changed by (both Lightroom and) another application. Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog?" is one of the most annoying messages in Lightroom. This article shows you which option to choose in case you are having similar issue. 

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30 Reasons You Should use Lightroom to Edit and Manage Your Photos

As a blogger, occasionally we were being asked on the photo editing tool we used for food/travel photos taken. While some bloggers use Photoshop to edit their photos, we prefer another product from Adobe - Lightroom. We have been using it for years and this article shows you 30 reasons you should have one too.

Facebook - Trick to bump (move up) your post

"Bump" is a popular feature for forumers to move their post to the top of the listing. You can do the same thing in Facebook groups as well.

Alexa rank drops in year 2015 explained

If you recently found out that your Alexa ranking drop drastically, then this article is for you. We also explain why Alexa ranking can be easily manipulated and does not reflect a site's actual traffic and quality. 

3 ways to reduce space used by Android Studio in C drive

If you are developing Android app using lightweight laptop with limited hard drive capacity, you may get into a situation in which Android Studio (AS) is taking up your primary C drive space even though you already install AS and set your working environment at another partition/drive. This article shows you how to move caches, virtual devices, and etc out from C drive.