SEO Tips #02 - Remove multiple H1

You spent days or even months designing your website. How you going to know that your code met some SEO standards? This article shows you a simple way to make Bing site crawler happier by removing redundant H1 tag on each page. 

SEO Tips #01 - Register for Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster

Unless you own some of the top ranked websites such as Facebook or Google, most of your website's audiences are probably coming from search engines such as Google or Bing. Just like traditional business, it is important to know your customers' behaviors and the reason they chosen you. This article shows you two free online tools to study them.

CloudFlare Logo

Web Performance Tips #04 - CloudFlare

CloudFlare works not only as a middleman between users and web server, but also able to speed up your website.

Web Performance Tips #03 - Optimize Image (Win)

Previously, we showed you a way to optimize web images for free in Mac. Today, we show you the Windows method - using FileOptimizer which is, of course, free as well.

Web Performance Tips #02 - Optimize Image (MAC)

So you exported your photos from Lightroom/Photoshop into JPEG files and uploaded it to your blog. Chances are they are not fully optimised. This article shows you an easy way to further reduce image sizes using free MAC tool called ImageOptim

Web Performance Tips #01 - Replacing Image Buttons with CSS Buttons

As the very first article in improving your website performance, this blog post shows you a simple way to replace binary image buttons with CSS buttons using an online tool.

How to recover deleted photos and files

If you are a camera or computer user, you may come into an occasion in which someone accidentally deleted or formatted your files in SD card or hard drive. Next thing you know is that your drive becomes empty. Do not panic! There are many ways to restore them completely FREE, even they are no longer seen in Recycle Bin or the drive itself.

Install Alexa toolbar and widget - First step to boost your Alexa rank

Google PageRank (PR) and Alexa should be no stranger for bloggers and techy people, Good ranking promotes your site. While Google PR never been updated since Feb 2013, more bloggers are focusing on Alexa ranking, which is updated daily. This article shows you how Alexa works and how to install its toolbar and widget to improve your Alexa ranking.

How to show hidden system files in OSX

If you are using Finder in OSX, you will find that their files structure is too clean. In fact, most of the system folders and files are hidden from normal user. There are occasions in which you may need to access system file (e.g. edit host file). The following simple steps show you how to unhide/hide system files in OSX using Terminal. 

How to fresh install OSX using SD card

How to fresh install OSX using SD card

With the recent announcement of free OS X Mavericks, many MacBook users will surely upgrade their OS without any hesitation. The easiest way is to just go to "Software Update" and download the 5GB+ installer and upgrade from there. Personally, I prefer to fresh install Mavericks as I have phobia since Windows era such that things will get slower the longer you use your current OS and the best solution is to start everything from fresh. With a flash card and a software tool, you can do so for Mavericks as well.