Web Performance Tips #03 - Optimize Image (Win)


First of all, FileOptimizer not only able to further compress images without lossing image quality, but also able to compress documents, media, scripts, etc. Consider it an all-in-one tool for file optimization (hence FileOptimizer). In this article, I will only cover compressing JPEG images but procedures should be the same for other formats. The steps are pretty straightforward: drag files to the main window and hit "Optimize all files" buton.

Reference version: 6.50.302


  1. Download and instlal the latest FileOptimizer from the official page. The download linke is located somewhere in the middle of the page. You will be redirected to a browser-like page. Just select the latest version and pick the EXE file to download.
  2. There will be two instances of the application - x86 and x64 version. If you are using 64-bit OS, choose the x64 version.
  3. If this is your first time using FileOptimizer, it is better to check some options first before optimizing files. Click on "Options..." button.
  4. Make sure Optimization Level is set to Best (this is what we are looking for after all).
  5. If you are compressing JPEG files and would like to keep metadata, go to JPEG tab. Make sure "Copy metadata" is checked.
  6. Hit OK to go back to main window.
  7. Add files you going to optimize into FileOptimizer. You can also drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer to FileOptimizer window (which I usually did).
  8. Begin optimization by clicking on "Optimize all files".
  9. Click "Clear all files" if you would like to proceed with next batch of images.

Note: Your exisiting files will be overwritten with the optimized version automatically.

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