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Web Performance Tips #04 - CloudFlare

CloudFlare works not only as a middleman between users and web server, but also able to speed up your website.

Web Performance Tips #03 - Optimize Image (Win)

Previously, we showed you a way to optimize web images for free in Mac. Today, we show you the Windows method - using FileOptimizer which is, of course, free as well.

Web Performance Tips #02 - Optimize Image (MAC)

So you exported your photos from Lightroom/Photoshop into JPEG files and uploaded it to your blog. Chances are they are not fully optimised. This article shows you an easy way to further reduce image sizes using free MAC tool called ImageOptim

Web Performance Tips #01 - Replacing Image Buttons with CSS Buttons

As the very first article in improving your website performance, this blog post shows you a simple way to replace binary image buttons with CSS buttons using an online tool.