How to change from http to https

How to improve Google rank by changing your website from HTTP to HTTPS using SSL?

Isn't it a bit annoying if you are hosting your own website and notice a "Not secure" is displayed next to your URL? For non-e-commerce websites, it is fairly fine to keep it as non-secured. However, Google - the top search engine in the world, may lower your Google rank due to the fact that your site is not "secured". This article shows you how to apply for one SSL certificate at an affordable price (using SSL Dragon as an example), together with detailed steps to install it in Ubuntu/Apache2/CloudFlare environment. Ultimately, Chrome browser will show a nice-looking lockpad next to your URL.

SEO Tips #02 - Remove multiple H1

You spent days or even months designing your website. How you going to know that your code met some SEO standards? This article shows you a simple way to make Bing site crawler happier by removing redundant H1 tag on each page. 

SEO Tips #01 - Register for Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster

Unless you own some of the top ranked websites such as Facebook or Google, most of your website's audiences are probably coming from search engines such as Google or Bing. Just like traditional business, it is important to know your customers' behaviors and the reason they chosen you. This article shows you two free online tools to study them.